Are you ready for the Government strategy on BIM?

There has been much comment, speculation and debate recently about the Government BIM strategy and all that it implies and demands. I was at the launch in London and just looking at the crowd who turned up and reading some of the name badges you could tell that on the surface at least, we as UK Plc are beginning to take this thing called Building Information Modelling (BIM) seriously.

My question therefore is not about paying BIM lip service, but are we actually ready as a nation to grab hold of this new process and way of working and make best use of it?

In the past we have come up with some revolutionary ideas, inventions etc, and have all but given them away, or allowed other countries to become world leaders in lets face it, “our” technology.
BIM may not be ours, but that does not stop us being the best in the world at it. Look West and you will see the US has a two year jump start over the rest of us. Look East and you will see nations such as Germany, Russia and China already gaining pace and I do not think they will hand the baton to us if we just ask nicely.

So are we really ready? Are you really ready? Not your nation, your company – you?
Answers on a postcard please….

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